Welcome to the RSD iPad: Introduction Workshop

The primary objectives for this workshop include:

1. Understanding the functionality of an iPad
a. Basic care of portable devices
b. Camera use for pictures and video recording
c. Settings icon and customizing the look of the iPad
d. General App for security and setting up the device

2. Apps: Cost and their role in the classroom
a. What is the purpose of Apps?
b. Notes App
c. Conduct a search of Apps and download content
d. Organize Apps according to discipline and use

3. iBooks App: Functionality and use
a. What is an ePublication?
b. Select one ePub and download
c. PDF and their uses on an iPad
d. iTextbooks: Are they a replacement for regular textbooks?

4. Audiobooks
a. What is the role of audiobooks in personal learning?
b. Visit iTunes Store and preview audio recordings

5. iTunes U
a. Explore the Podcasts & iTunes U Content
b. Subscribe and Manage Podcasts
c. Learn content through the iTunes U Content Store
d. Conduct a Power Search in iTunes U